Setting the standard in hysteroscopic morcellation

Bring clarity, precision and efficiency to hysteroscopic morcellation with the TRUCLEAR™ System. Featuring fast, efficient resection, advanced fluid management and pathology-optimized morcellators, the TRUCLEAR System offers a complete technology platform for the removal of a range of intrauterine abnormalities. It is the only system designed for visual D&C, hysteroscopic adhesiolysis and evacuation of retained products of conception (RPOC) in addition to fibroid and polyp removal.

With over eight years of clinical experience, the TRUCLEAR System continues to set the standard for effective and safe tissue resection.



Designed for optimum performance

Clear Operative Field

  • 100% continuous flow and suction helps maintain a clear operative field
  • No tissue floating within the uterine cavity

Safe Gentle Resection

  • Simple, mechanical design means there is no risk of energy discharge-induced scarring and a reduced risk of air or gas emboli compared to conventional resection
  • Localized treatment reduces endometrial damage, which may help preserve the chances of pregnancy
  • Proprietary suction control technology minimizes fluid use

Efficient Procedure

  • Continuous cutting and tissue removal means only a single insertion is necessary
  • Single insertion means fewer procedural steps

Effective Pathology Removal

  • Targeted pathology removal under continuous visualization ensures efficient cut and capture
  • Tissue capture allows evaluation of the entire pathology

Multiple procedures, one high-performance system

The TRUCLEAR™ System is specifically indicated to remove more intrauterine abnormalities than any other morcellation system. As the only pathology-optimized, hysteroscopic morcellator, the TRUCLEAR System enables more efficient procedures and enhanced performance for a full spectrum of conditions, including:truclear-system-overview


More options mean more control in every procedure

The TRUCLEAR™ System blends high-performance morcellators and scopes with advanced fluid management for efficient and effective pathology removal. The system includes:

The TRUCLEAR 5.0 Hysteroscope Set:

  • Smallest instrumentation available today, facilitating gentle, effective procedures*
  • Perfect for in-office procedures and patients with a stenotic cervix as little or no dilation is required
  • Longer scope means access to the entire uterus, including cornua and fundal wall
  • Used with the TRUCLEAR INCISOR™ Plus Rotary 2.9 morcellator

The TRUCLEAR 8.0 Hysteroscope Set:

  • Large working channel offers capability to use additional hysteroscopy instruments
  • Option to use TRUCLEAR Obturator for gentle introduction of the sheath into the uterine cavity
  • For use with the TRUCLEAR Rotary 4.0 and the new TRUCLEAR ULTRA Reciprocating 4.0 morcellators

TRUCLEAR Disposable Morcellators:

  • Simultaneous tissue cutting and aspiration to reduce procedure time
  • Proprietary suction control feature to minimize fluid loss
  • Three pathology-optimized disposable morcellators:1) TRUCLEAR INCISOR Plus Rotary 2.9 for soft tissue2) TRUCLEAR Rotary 4.0 for soft tissue3) TRUCLEAR ULTRA Reciprocating 4.0 for dense tissue

TRUCLEAR™ Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System enhances visualization and helps ensure patient safety

Maintaining proper fluid levels is essential for successful outcomes.
The TRUCLEAR Fluid Management System features:

High flow rate

  • Maximum flow rate of 700 ml/min optimizes visualization
  • Allows intrauterine pressure to be maintained at the desired level

High-speed response

  • Proprietary software allows agile response to intrauterine changes
  • Scale continuously monitors fluid deficit for accurate measurements

Controlled suction

  • Provides suction flexibility in order to maintain clear visualization

Reliable warning systems for safety

  • Audible alarms indicating over pressure, under pressure andfluid deficit thresholds