• Unique, fully automated design continually controls parameters of time, temperature and pressure to ensure consistent results.
  • Minimal set up required. Fast treatment time of 2 minutes and 6 seconds.
  • Easy to use trigger switch initiates treatment. Control unit provides simple step-by-step instructions throughout procedure.
  • Thin, pliable, silicone balloon inflates three times to ensure optimal contact with endometrial tissue. Safely treats a variety of uterine shapes and sizes.

Your Solution to Outpatient Ablation


Experience the Freedom & Flexibility Of Thermablate Eas™


Thermblate EAS™ offers physicians an innovative treatment option that is proven to be as effective, yet significantly less painful than competitor global ablation products, both during and after treatment.

“Patient pain tolerances were measured using vas (visual analog pain scale management) which showed lower pain levels both intra and post operatively for Thermablate EAS™ when compared with the novasure system.”

“Endometrial Ablation with Thermablate EAS™ is well tolerated by patients under local anesthesia (vas score < 5 in 63 %) and can be done quickly in an outpatient setting.”


95% of patients treated with Thermablate EAS™ report menstrual blood loss improvement and 93% would have the treatment again

Thermablate EAS consistently delivers reliable results, with 30% of patients reporting Amenorrhea 9 and 12 months post procedure.

Patient satisfaction rates after a treatment with Thermablate are similarly consistent, with >90% of patients stating they would recommend the procedure to a friend.

A study comparing the definition of treatment success between female patients and their physicians found that the majority of women want less bleeding, and the minority want amenorrhea.

Bleeding Pattern 9 & 12 month Post Procedure